This is a fee for regular, ongoing website maintenance of your site, beyond the initial 6 months that are covered with the cost of the website. There are two options for payment:

MONTHLY: $30/month
ANNUALLY: $300/year (save $60).

Website maintenance covers the following services:

  • Regular, scheduled updates and improvements for existing features
  • Full security monitoring and website recovery if something goes wrong (host issues, hacks, etc) *
  • Any minor text or image changes to existing pages/posts
  • Up to 3 NEW pages or products per year (any combination)
  • Up to 12 NEW blog posts per year
  • Plus, possible other minor work (to be discussed per client)

Charges are done securely and can be made using a credit card (via Stripe).

For credit card order, please select whether you would like to pay Monthly or Annually (save $60):


(NOTE: The following services are NOT covered by this Website Maintenance fee, and will require additional charges: Any NEW website functionality, new pages or products beyond the 3 included per year, new posts beyond the 12 included per year, any MAJOR changes to existing content or other new content that would require more than an hour of work per month, and any website recovery work beyond 12 hours/year. If you do not require new pages, posts or products, other types of work for your website can be substituted.)

* Website recovery, depending on how drastic the problem is, MAY require additional services/plugins/outside developer help which could mean extra fees for those companies/individuals involved. While purchasing website maintenance is the best way of avoiding any drastic problems, there is no guarantee that advance-level hacks might happen, which would require serious additional help.