Ross Katz is a New York-based filmmaker. He’s been an award-winning producer (Lost in Translation), and has transitioned into an award-winning director (HBO’s Taking Chance). Ross needed a site that showcased the films he’s worked on (which also include In The Bedroom, Adult Beginners, and the adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice), while giving some info on his background in film, the awards he’s been nominated for or won, a gallery of images from his films, and a way to contact him.

My original design featured lots of different pages, and a lot of visible text — but it felt like too many clicks to get to what you wanted. And Ross wanted the site to focus on the film imagery anyway. So I scrapped the original plan, and streamlined it all into a simple, single-page, parallax website featuring fullscreen images of his most well-known movies. All the original information is still all there, but it’s packed away until you want it. Click on any film title, or the buttons for Bio and Awards, and a pop-up modal scrolls down to give you the info you need why still remaining on the same page.



  • Single-page website
  • Fullscreen images
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Pop-up modals
  • Filterable lightbox gallery
  • Responsive design