Apr 13, 2016

Today I’m celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Vasquez Day! 

What the hell is Vasquez Day, you ask? Well…it’s my own made up holiday (which is why you haven’t heard of it) to celebrate one of the BEST things that ever happened to me 25 years ago:

The day I fell off a cliff and broke my back, and the doctors (at the time) said I’d never walk again. The place was Vasquez Rocks in California (where Kirk fought that monster in this pic, hence the name…).

Yeah, yeah….I know what you’re thinking — was this really the best thing that ever happened to me?  But just hear me out…

Because of that accident, a chain of events occurred that led to sooooo many amazing things in my life. Just a small handful of highlights include: meeting Ross Katz (who still remains close family to this day), moving with Ross to my favorite city in the world (NYC), owning and running my own comics store, working at my dream company (DC Comics), walking the red carpet at the Oscars/Golden Globes (both twice!), being flown to San Francisco for my own solo photo exhibition at Hipstamatic, flying to so many amazing places — including Barcelona…where the most important moment happened: I met the love of my life, Sion Fullana, whom I’ve spent the last 11+ incredible years with.

I could go on and on about ALL the amazing things that have happened to me because of one dumb accident. (And I’m 99% certain if that didn’t happen, I’d still be living in L.A. — not my favorite city as anyone who knows me well is aware of — and working some miserable, thankless job and living a boring life. If I could go back in time to stop my fall, I wouldn’t — I’d give myself a push instead…).

The most important thing that happened to me after my fall (and all the GOOD that came out of it) was a major adjustment of my attitude. Not only did I have a greater appreciation for life that made me want to live out my dreams, but anytime a major change happened in my life — whether it was forced upon me, was a result of random chance, or a decision I made on my own — I would always try to find the positives of the situation…even if at first things looked a bit grim.

Anytime something seemingly “bad” has happened, I’ve always looked at it as an opportunity to learn, to grow, and see what new adventures awaited me. And the one thing I’ve always learned is that CHANGE is almost always a GOOD thing. The more things get “shaken up,” the better and more interesting my life tends to be.

Which brings me to ANOTHER important anniversary that’s coming up. A week from today, on April 19th, I will have been a NYC resident for 20 consecutive years!!! (I was also born here and spent my 14th year of life here — so this place has a very special place in my heart). But living here is the one thing that’s been a constant for the longest period of my life, and it’s about time for THAT to change too…

In about a month, Sion and I will be making a move to Spain. It’s another thing on my bucket list to cross off — living in Europe. It’s going to be a crazy and scary experience, and as Michael Stipe once sang….”leaving New York, never easy” — yet it’s an adventure that we can’t wait to jump into! I will continue building websites there, as I can luckily do that anywhere. I will also FINALLY be learning Spanish after 11+ years of being with a Spaniard (I know, I know, I know….).

So I’m pretty happy this Vasquez Day, knowing that my life will continue to be the unpredictable adventure it has always been.

I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂


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